РАСШИРЕННЫЙ ВИДЕО КУРС: моделирование ногтей по гелевой технологии с Александром Степановым

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Alexanser stepanov has extensive experiance in off line and on-line training. He has trained thousands of students who began a successful career as a nail masters, bloggers and trainers.

Our on-line students also get Certificates


Why our education?

  1. We use in our training videos more than 1000 schemes which help to understand the technique better and were desined the special way to be understandable even for a child. This is just part of them:

2. We give you actual education and show how to solve the main mistakes that nail saters face with after finishing courses. This is the beginning of 4-th lesson:


This is on-line ediacation for thise who makes feirst steps in this industry and want to be professional.

Our certified trainers have created special video lessons which are easy to understand.

They are absulutely new. All videos are in 4K format. We made maximum close shots to show all details of process.

The format of courses: video lessons. The studier should complete the task and after she (or he) receive the link on the next lesson.

Educators are available duaring the all course. You can ask them for any help or any questions.

More information about the course will be described in a couple of weeks.


Places of the course are limited. Do not miss your chance!